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“Life is like a game, there are many players. If you don’t play with them, they’ll play with you.”
~ Player No. 001 (Il-Nam)

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“Out there I don’t stand a chance. I do in here.”

This is the official shop for squid game store costumes. Whether you’re looking for squid game masks, player track suits, or a front man jacket. We’ve got all the squid game looks for you to shop. 

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Squid game guard costumes

Guard Costumes, featuring the Squid Game circle, square, and triangle masks. Shop the gear today.

Squid game front man costume

The Official Squid Game Shop is proud to present the best character in the show, the Front Man costume.

Squid game player costume

What’s a game without a gambling addicted players? Get yourself into the game with our track suits.

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Our Staff's Favorite Squid Game Store Merch

Join the players in the game with all the best Squid Game Store has to offer

Squid game front man costume


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If you order as soon as possible, then yes! However it’s important to note that our store is currently experiencing very high volumes of orders. So the sooner you order your products the better chance you have to get your order before halloween.

Squid Game has a lot of very strong messages behind the intent and writing of the series. With themes of capitalism, and exposing the financial and legal industries to show how our society has evolved and the risks that we could be potentially in. It hits on a lot of emotions that the majority of people can relate to which is why it’s become such a big phenomena.

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Start Your Financial Transformation By Entering the Games

Broke? In debt? Trouble with the yakuza? Solve all your problems by taking a chance and entering the Squid Games.

front man costume

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